British Library Visit – Visual Essay // CTS

“Hidden in Chaos, The Commute” – A Visual Essay

On Tuesday 17th February, I went to the British Library to collect my reader pass. We were asked to visually document this act and turn it into a ‘visual essay’. I chose to base my creation on surveillance. I done this because I plan to use the surveillance lecture to complete my essay.

I focused mainly on the Northern Line for my documentation, also, cameras and CCTV.

My approach to this task was mainly based on surveillance. I decided to document cameras that were seen on my journey and then edit them to be more visually interesting. I done this by inverting the colours and making them appear more like CCTV. I then created a graphic which resembled the Northern line of the underground, duplicated it and rotated it to show the hectic nature of the underground. I used this graphic to hide almost hide the photos that I have taken to demonstrate how easy it is to be hidden in the masses of people commuting this way. I then added the text to convey further, the idea of surveillance. I also used it to put a more textual concept/ description of my journey.


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