Brand Busting Introduction // CTS2

Branding is a huge part of the graphic design industry and helps the economy everyday by influencing the public in what they do, say and buy. I chose this particular subject as I am particularly interested in branding methods and the process and concept of brand identity.

In this weeks session, “Story Branding: Creating Stand out Brands Through the Power of Narrative”, we were introduced to our chosen topics and started to explore brand identity and narrative. We began by speaking about branding areas and the identity of a brand. Some brand areas that we spoke about included commercial branding (such as retail), civic branding (public or tourist branding such as the olympics) and cult of personality branding (such as Kim kardashian). Brand identity aspects that we spoke about included logo, trademarks and audience; these are all major parts of branding identity and play a huge role in branding as a whole.

We were asked to choose a well known brand and to draw the logo onto a small card. From here we were asked to turn the logo into a character and give it some sort of identity. “Fredex” was a cheerful character creation made from the “FedEx” logo. He is 45 years old and has a career in the courier/ delivery industry. Fredex likes being on time and dislikes misplacing things and being stuck in traffic. He is very fragile and enjoys travelling, he wants to always be punctual and would love a life time supply of bubble wrap. Below is an image of our characterised brand.

Characterised logo for well known delivery service, “FedEx”.

After giving our character some form of identity and character profile, we were then asked to create a narrative in the form of a storyboard. The narrative had to feature our character. Below you can see our short narrative for Fredex. In the beginning scene, Fredex was delivering a parcel in his van, but then, to his surprise, he had a bad collision with rival delivery service “Ups”. The two were battered and broken but in the process, Fredex became “Fedup” a coincident a hybrid of the two which expressed how Fredex was feeling due to the disruption in his day. The story ended with Fredex being fixed up in the company depot to be restored to his normal self using fragile packing tape. The purpose of the narrative was to express how our character felt when he could not be punctual and on time, this shows the company values and also used a rival brand to illustrate our message.

Our brand narrative including “Fredex”

Character hybrid collision

The next activity was titled ‘Brand Selfie’. The concept behind this was to create a visual representation to all of the brands that we were using/ wearing. We were asked to draw ourselves and then label what brands we associated with ourselves on that particular day. This was a great way to demonstrate just how much brands affect our day-to-day lives.

Labeled character of associated brands.

From here, we began to brand ourselves by creating a personalised logo which demonstrated aspects of who we are. I designed a calligraphy/ typographic icon with my initials and birth year to define who I was.

My personalised logo.

Overall, this workshop was a great introduction to branding as a topic. The fun and quirky activities were very engaging yet educational at the same time. It allowed me to understand how brands use narratives and visuals to represent themselves and also taught me exactly how important this is.


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