The use of Social Media in Branding // CTS2

In this session we spoke about how branding behaviours define us as individuals and groups. We started by talking about how brands use social media and how they portray their character/personality, story/message, mission, values and bottom line. we started by defining the three main social media platforms and we then went on to choose a brand from what we were provided.

My group chose TESCO as their main focus. We first decided to assign each group member a specific social media platform. I used ‘Facebook’ as my main platform. I started by looking at the ‘about’ section on their page. I found this extremely useful as it gave me most of the information that I was looking for. I learned that the company was founded in 1919 when Jack Cohen started it all on a market stall in Hackney. The company overview stated that they were “a team of over 530’000 people in 12 markets dedicated to bringing the best value, choice and service to millions of customers each week”, a great description of such a high profile brand. On their page, they also stated their mission statement – “serving shoppers a little better everyday”, a great way of suggesting self improvement and development. Alongside their purpose and mission statement, they also gave customers insight to their company values, these were as listed below:

  1. “No-one tries harder for their customers”
  2. “To treat people how they want to be treated”
  3. “Every little helps makes a big difference”

With this information, I began to analyse how it defines them as a group. I figured that they have a professional yet fun and family friendly approach to portraying their personality. The fact that the whole brand began years ago on a Hackney market stall allows the customer to understand how the company has had a drive to build itself up. It also demonstrates a sense of authenticity. Their mission was clearly stated on their page and I feel that it matches well with their slogan of “every little helps”. The fact that TESCO emphasis the importance of small things show how they take pride in every aspect of their business, maybe an insight to the great customer service that they provide. This is also evident in their values, the way that TESCO want to treat people how they want to be treated ensures that the customers will be satisfied and valued.

These business strategies and values were also evident on other social media platforms used by TESCO such as ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter’. They both showed how customer/ family friendly the business was and demonstrated a sense of community. The customers were a big part of the companies social media processes. Providing 24 hour help, they relied heavily on interaction, making them extremely approachable. Both the Twitter and Instagram feed demonstrated how helpful the company way, posting daily updates and tips about food preparation and so on.

From here we compared notes and reduced our findings onto a simple a3 poster, as shown below.


A3 Tesco Poster

From here we started to compare TESCO to other brands. Upon further research, Brand such as ASDA posted more about offers than TESCO did, making us question whether their customer value/satisfaction was as important as TESCOS implied and whether other retailers just cared about profit. TESCO is such a huge brand but the way in which they use social media shows a much more personal, non-corporate feel which in turn enables them to maybe connect with its clientele much more than other brands.

Overall, I feel that social media can be a great addition to a companies branding and marketing techniques as it can help define a companies values and character. The way in which a business acts on their social media can influence hugely, what customers think of the brand as a whole.


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