My Place or Yours: The Branding of Places and Spaces // CTS2

In this session we considered the socio-economic-political agenda of national and city branding. we looked into things such as the London and Rio Olympics and the social issues it arose. I watched a short clip which spoke about how the Rio 2016 olympics was morally wrong in the fact that they did not take any notice of how poverty ridden the country was, but instead focused on funding the brand of Rio 2016, the clip showed local residents who are completely ignored by trains/coaches of people travelling to the stadium, a completely inhumane and ignorant attitude to major issue. As for the 2012 London olympics, the opening ceremony was a very controversial topic. The ceremony attempted to brand London by focusing mainly on the industrial revolution to show how far we have come as a country but only a year before, there were huge riots across the whole city. The fact that this was not part of the ceremony shows how national branding can sometimes be extremely selective in what is shown, making it a questionable representation of the place.

I also watched an interview with Will Self on his opinions of the London olympics where stated that the olympics was essentially ‘boosterism’, meaning it was mainly for economic and capital boost, something of which I agree strongly with. Also in the session we were asked to look more into national branding by drawing objects which stereotypically represented a place, we then spoke about how these were not necessarily as representational as people expect. After this we got into groups and tried to attract new Residents and businesses to Elephant and Castle, we went out into the environment to collect data and devised a poster to help spread our message. overall, i found this session extremely helpful and it helped me to understand nation/ location branding as a whole.

Stereotypical London

Our planned approach for the poster and environment research

Images from the environment and its upcoming plans

Images from the environment and its upcoming plans

This is our poster, encouraging new residents and businesses to come to Elephant and Castle



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