Fashion Culture, Representation and Modernism // CTS 2

Fashion Culture refers to anything current and on trend. Upon first thought, many would agree that fashion refers only to clothing and accessories when in fact there is a whole ethical/ societal influence to what influences us as humans.

During the modernism and modern capitalism movement, social class solidification within industry was much more evident compared to previous decades. In terms of fashion there are four main ‘classes’. The Bourgeois, The upper class of the industrial world; they have the means to produce and execute ideas because they are able to afford the technology. The Proletariat; working class members of society who are often paid a minimal living wage to work in the factories which produce the things of which they will later aspire to buy, an example of how consumerism is often at the expense of humanity. The Boheme, a creative class who thinks innovatively  and originally whilst being able to meander out of the ‘Bourgeois’ and ‘Proletariat’ classes. Finally, The Flaneur, a member of the utopian member of the creative class (Boheme), often considered the conceptual genius of society.

Also within fashion culture is an issue of ethics, In the lecture these were said to be (1) Think for yourself (2) Think by putting yourself in someone else’s place (3) think in such a way as to always be in agreement with yourself. To me this refers to the whole idea of self expression, to be expressive n your own right, to understand others needs for expression and to not claim anything as right or wrong.

Representation also plays a huge part in fashion culture, to portray yourself in a particular way by your choice of clothing is a great way of representing who you are. This is demonstrated in the short exercise of sketching our favourite shoes and what they say about us as well as how we would convince others to wear the same thing.


My Black Converse Illustration


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