Shoe Illustration Analysis


My Black Converse Illustration

“I long to be the other and for the other to be me through my amorous clothes”
– Fashion as Communication, 10/01/16, Available at:

I chose this quote as I believe that the ‘Black Hi-Top Converse’ is a very universal shoe but the way in which you use them/ wear this piece can determine how your personality is perceived by others. To me this quote expresses the notion of individuality and expressing yourself whilst fitting in to a collective. The words “I long to be the other” references how the individual may want to fit into society where as “and for the other to be me through my amorous clothes” refers to expressing yourself in a particular way which may be desirable to others.

In my illustration, I have highlighted how the way in which I tie my shoes, represents my personality. To further express this I have written the text about my shoe and what it portrays in multi coloured handwriting, this reiterates my individuality as well as the fun and quirky aspects I am trying to show. In reference to the quote, I desire to fit in to a societal spectrum by wearing this shoe, but I wish for others to admire the style in which I wear them.



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