Self-Initiated Fashion Retail Report, TOPSHOP vs TRAID // CTS2

For my retail report, I chose to visit ‘Traid, Brixton’ and ‘Topshop, Oxford Circus’. I began by visiting ‘Traid’, a second-hand clothing store specialising in raising fund to reduce the environmental and social impacts that the clothing industry brings. Upon entering the shop, it was clear that it was a second hand shop aimed at youthful personalities who like vintage clothing. Although the shop was not busy, it was clear that ‘Traid’ was trying to convey a message within the establishment, I feel that it was meant to be an educational yet fun visit. There were facts on the walls and even an educational video available to watch. The fitting rooms displayed clear statistics and educated customers about the impacts our clothes have. This shopping environment communicated a sense of identity about the brand itself by educating the customers. The actual store was quite cramped and the unique and individual items had obviously been worn, I would compare this store heavily to the urban outfitters sale area. Traid’s online presence is a key tool for educating, as shown within the store, making the message persistent.

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Next, I visited ‘Topshop’. This particular store is known for its significant size, unlike ‘Traid, Brixton’. Topshop’s target audience is typically fashionable young girls who keep up to date with current trends. Everyone in the store, even down to the staff, dressed very similarly and up to date, most customers being in their teens or early twenties. The store had several floors with different sections, brands and products on each. It was jam packed with multiple styles, small shops, accessories and even a hairdressers. To me this seemed similar to a department store, not like ‘Traid’ at all. The store was much busier, louder and had multiple identities jammed into one establishment. Like ‘Traid’, ‘Topshop’ have a strong online presence but for this particular store, I would suggest that there is much more available that is not clear on the site.



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