Music, Performance and Identity Take Away Task // CTS2

A Letter to my Younger Cousin on the Importance of Womens Rights.


As you grow further into the beautiful young woman that you are becoming, you will face problems that you could never imagine. Hopefully, these will be things like deciding what to wear on a night out, wondering if your crush will text you back or struggling to find cover for your shift on a Saturday morning. By the time you read this, I pray that the guy who ends up covering that shift gets exactly the same pay that you would receive. I hope that the dress you choose on a night out will not be an excuse for a man to lay his hands upon you without your permission. I hope that your crush treats you better than some women who are abused day in and day out by somebody that they love. Also, if there is one thing you should know, it’s this; YOU ARE NOT OVERREACTING, your thoughts are valid and if you believe something is wrong, do not ignore it just because ‘it’s not a big deal’. Being a woman is a tough job, but it shouldn’t be. Know that you are good enough and you deserve the world. You can do anything you put your mind to and you can defeat the discrimination and prejudice with a strong attitude and a fierce mind. Sooner or later you break the system and become a top manager in a huge company, something very few women have may plan to start a family but if this happens before you expected it to, know that you should have the power over your reproductive rights, abortion is an option which should not be shamed by others. It is your body, you decide. That leads me onto my final point; Being a feminist is not something to be scared of. Stick together, fight for whats right and more importantly, fight for a life of equality and freedom. 


An illustrated letter with words from my blurb, illustrating for the inequality will lift us up and we will put our foot down on the issues.


The look for my resistance, empowering statement lipstick to be established by women across the globe.


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